Smart OEM Alternative

Now there’s a smart alternative to having an OEM service your bottling equipment.

FBN, a leading manufacturer of replacement parts for the bottling industry, has formed a strategic partnership with Worldwide Contractors. Worldwide operates throughout the US with a network of professionals having at least 10 years’ experience — many with direct experience as OEM technicians.

Together, FBN and Worldwide will now offer professional service on equipment from these manufacturers: 

    • Krones
    • US Bottlers
    • KHS
    • Douglas
    • Arol
    • Fowler Zalkin
    • Alcoa
    • Fogg
    • Federal
    • CSI
    • Sidel
    • Laub Hunt
    • Acmi Coriani
    • MBF
    • Laub Hunt
    • Consolidated
    • Pneumatic Scale
    • Horix
    • Filler Specialties
    • Inline Fillers


If you’re having trouble with a capping issue, we can help. Our combined service techs have the know-how to solve virtually any capping problem that might arise.  Whether it’s cocked/misapplied caps, inconsistent torques or anything else, we’ll find it, fix it and prevent it from becoming a major headache.


Get rebuilds for capper spindles, valves, magnetic clutch bearings, top load bushings and magnet packs. Our staff can rebuild on site or through an exchange program to limit downtime.

Other services

  • Line Audits for application and mechanical issues
  • New line installation and support
  • 1pc gripper conversions to solid cap chucks
  • Equipment and Product Training
  • Machine Setup
  • Complete Field Reports
  • BOM’s
  • Recommended Spare Parts List
  • Recommended PM Programs
  • Staff training to maintain performance once our technicians are gone

Now there’s a choice

FBN takes pride in our ability to service and install OEM headsets, fillers and more. Now, our partnership with Worldwide Contractors means we can further help your business maintain – or improve – productivity, while keeping costs low. To learn more about why FBN is the smart alternative to OEMs, fill out the form below and we’ll have someone get in touch with you.

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