Sealing Rubbers / Centering Bells

FBN - Sealing Rubbers / Centering Bells

The unseen heroes of your bottling system, centering bells and sealing rubbers are essential components in every production line. Intended to maintain efficiency, these parts play a vital role in preventing waste, equipment damage and downtime.

Sealing rubbers & centering bells from FBN

With our in-house tool building, FBN has full injection molding capabilities and the ability to manufacture sealing rubbers, gaskets and centering bells for every major OEM, including Mejer, Krones, Crown, Simonazzi, US Bottlers, Fogg and Federal. Whether you require a full production run or small-scale prototyping, we have an assortment of centering bell and sealing rubber configurations, thousands of parts in stock and the ability to produce – and deliver – on extremely short notice.

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