One-Piece Chuck Conversion

FBN announces a one-piece solution to replace much more complex and expensive mechanisms.

FBN’s one-piece chuck is engineered to reduce the maintenance time required to keep the full gripper assembly in working condition. By replacing the gripper with a one-piece chuck, you will no longer have to be involved with daily greasing, or disassembly and rebuild (which requires replacing expensive components).

Here’s how it works

FBN technicians will come to your plant and review the existing capper to determine if a conversion is possible. If so, we will proceed to measure, then engineer and produce the new parts.

The old capping heads and gripper assemblies will be removed. Then, using a proprietary knock-out system, the new units will be installed. No permanent modification to the machine is required, so the original setup can be re-installed at any point if necessary.

Start saving

Once the conversion is complete, the maintenance required is a quick visual inspection periodically and a $15 kit once a year. Simple as that.

The time to install the kit is probably under 5 minutes. Compare that to the daily or every other day greasing of the gripper and the savings in maintenance time is even more obvious.

Final point. If an annual rebuild were needed, the wear components alone are 2x – 3x the cost of our one-piece chuck. Add to that the hours required to complete the job and you’re looking at some serious expense. Instead, wouldn’t you rather have a one-piece chuck from FBN?

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