Magnetic Capping Headsets

FBN - Magnetic Headsets

Also known as magnetic clutches, capper headsets and capper clutches, magnetic capping headsets create smooth, consistent levels of torque that prevent over or under tightening during the capping process. Capable of running large numbers of bottles quickly and reliably, magnetic capping headsets are a valuable addition to any line seeking to streamline and optimize their operation.

What are magnetic capping headsets?

Designed to attach caps to bottled products with precise and consistent torque, an efficient magnetic capping headset is a critical component in all high-volume bottling operations.

Magnetic Capping Headsets from FBN

FBN offers direct replacements for Arol, Alcoa, CSI, Zalkin, US Bottlers, FOGG, Federal KHS, Krones, Sidel, Pneumatic Scale, Consolidated, Ronchi and Acma Corniani cappers. Our magnetic capping headsets utilize both hysteresis and ratcheting design, allowing for smooth torque and non-ratcheting application. With tens of thousands of units in operation, our unique design provides for lower inertia during application and fully-encapsulated magnets that guarantee operation, even in the harshest environments.

Features offered by our magnetic capping headsets

  • Lifetime magnet warranty as a standard feature
  • Headsets available for all OEM equipment
  • Non-metallic greaseless top load assembly
  • Stainless steel gears on Federal-style heads
  • Improved design features and simple low-cost rebuild kits
  • Customer tool kits available for painless rebuilds

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