Handling Parts / Anti-Rotation Knives

FBN - Handling Parts / Anti-Rotation Knives

Designed to prevent products from turning as they are fed into your bottling equipment, anti-rotation knives are critical to quality assurance and, more importantly, to ensuring a swift, efficient path for your products along the production line. As a result, handling parts – including anti-rotation knives – play an essential role in maintaining your operation's uptime.

Handling parts & anti-rotation knives from FBN

FBN, utilizing a portable CMM – Coordinate Measuring System – has the ability to perform on-site design in facilities anywhere in the world. After we have documented your machine, we can provide you with all new changeover parts in a timely, cost-efficient manner. Whether your application requires outer neck guides, cap plates, cap stars, anti-rotation knives, or custom guides, FBN has access to the tools, experience and personnel necessary to design and manufacture your parts at our facility.

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