Gripper Assemblies

FBN - Gripper Assemblies

Essential to your operation – whether it is large or small – gripper assemblies help to ensure the smooth, uninterrupted application of caps on to bottles. To better accommodate your line's individual needs, FBN is capable of manufacturing gripper assemblies in an assortment of configurations and innovative materials.

What are gripper assemblies?

Available in several configurations, including articulating mechanical grippers and pneumatic grippers, gripper assemblies create grip on the cap, maintaining the torque needed to firmly tighten them into place. While more forgiving than one-piece cap chucks, gripper assemblies ensure every cap is properly applied and securely tightened.

Gripper assemblies from FBN Sales

FBN Sales produces complete gripper assemblies for equipment manufactured by US Bottlers, Zalkin, Arol, Alcoa, Fogg, Consolidated Cappers, Filler Specialties and other major manufacturers. Custom engineered using advanced 3D measuring and modeling equipment, our gripper assemblies are designed to be more than replacements, they are designed to be upgrades.

Features offered by our gripper assemblies

  • Proprietary hardening process provides superior durability and chemical resistance
  • Precision manufacturing allows for seamless, time-saving changeovers
  • Engineered using state-of-the-art software and equipment
  • Manufactured from premium, certified US-made materials

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