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In bottling systems, filling valves allow for swift filling, reduced agitation and accurate liquid distribution. Playing an essential role in the manufacture of a complete, professional bottled product, they contribute to more rapid rates of production and, as a result, increased yields that ensure a consistent, profitable output.

What are filling valves?

Filling valves are, perhaps, the most essential component in any piece of liquid filling equipment. Acting similar to a syringe, they are inserted into your bottles' openings where they inject the appropriate amount of liquid into your bottles. Ensuring fill consistency and the integrity of your product, they are critical to the production of a high-quality bottled product.

Filling valves from FBN

Able to design filling valves for virtually all filling applications, including - but not limited to - pressure gravity, bowl, counter pressure and inline applications, FBN supplies replacement parts for the majority of equipment manufacturers. With filling valves available for equipment by US Bottlers, BC, Biner Ellison, Laub Hunt, Taiwainese, KHS, Mejer, Alsim, Fogg, MRM, Filler Specialties, Horix, Ave, Federal and more, we specialize in re-engineering and manufacturing the durable, high-performance parts that your operation needs.

Features offered by our filling valves

  • All certified US-manufactured raw materials
  • 100 percent US Production and Assembly
  • Most components machined on CNC, twin spindle lathes with y-axis capabilities and CNC mills featuring 4th-axis technology
  • No tip o-rings to eliminate the liability of o-rings falling into a bottle
  • Proprietary sealing system which virtually eliminates waste from valve leakage
  • Tight dimensional control, especially in concentricity, throughout all valve components eliminates leaking, sticking and premature wear
  • Valve fixtures to ensure every valve component is set to a specific torque setting and to limit liability of human inconsistencies, minimize downtime for rebuilds, increase longevity of individual components and make life easier for mechanics

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