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Our customers rely on us to maintain their uptime and ensure the longevity of their bottling equipment. To accomplish this, we strive to stay current with the latest developments in the bottling industry. Whether we’re experimenting with innovative designs for cap chucks or we’re investigating new materials for fill valves and magnetic capping headsets, this page details all of our current pursuits and serves as a record of the lengths that we’ll go to keep our customers satisfied.

Fillers and Cappers

The Benefits of Annual Filler and Capper Maintenance Programs


The benefits of consistently maintaining your fillers and cappers starts – and stops – with a good plan. FBN has established a number of comprehensive preventative maintenance programs for both fillers and cappers, regardless of required speeds or product type. If you lack any of the following items, we encourage you to reach out to an FBN representative for assistance...

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FBN Magnetic Capping Headset

Experience the Benefits of Magnetic Headsets from FBN


Magnetic headsets are a critical part of your operation, ensuring that your bottle's caps are applied with precision. Creating consistent torque, they are an incredible tool for high-volume bottling operations that are looking to streamline their operation and, more importantly, run a large number of bottles constantly, without interruption, over a prolonged period of time. But, with those responsibilities, magnetic headsets have to be durable, they have to be efficient and – most of all – they absolutely must be dependable. In this post, we're going to look at three ways that FBN's headsets distinguish themselves from the competition.

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Aftermarket Zalkin Parts

FBN is Your Source for Aftermarket Zalkin Parts


In addition to selling the industry's best filling valves and capper clutches, FBN also manufactures a wide range of capper parts, including aftermarket Zalkin parts. No matter what you're looking for, from anti-rotation knives to grippers and cap chucks, we have the capability to produce parts that integrate seamlessly into your existing machinery. More importantly, our parts are designed to be better than what was originally built in, so you can be confident that your line will maintain – or improve – its efficiency for a long, long time. In today's post, we're going to examine a few of the benefits of sourcing your capper parts from FBN.

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Replacement Filler Parts

The Benefits of Ordering Replacement Filler Parts from FBN


If you run a bottling operation, you are likely already aware of the benefits of ordering regular, scheduled replacement filler parts. Rather than waiting for the symptoms of problems to show themselves, regular replacement allows you to address issues before they affect your operation. Combined with frequent – and diligent – maintenance, replacing old, worn parts ensures that your operation continues running smoothly and, more importantly, ensures the production of a consistent, steady output. In today's post, we're going to look at a few benefits of ordering your replacement filler parts from FBN.

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Explore the Benefits of Magnetic Capping Headsets from FBN


When you're looking for replacement magnetic capping headsets for your bottling equipment, its essential that you source your parts from a company with a reputation for delivering quality. More than that, you need to be certain that the parts you're sourcing are capable of acting as direct replacements on your equipment. Whether you're using Arol, Alcoa, US Bottlers, Federal, Zalkin, or Krones cappers, you have to be certain that, when your part arrives, it's up to the task. In today's post, we're going to take a closer look at the benefits of using FBN's magnetic capping headsets.

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Magnetic Capping Headsets

Source the Industry’s Most Rugged, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Magnetic Capping Headsets from FBN


If you're running a high-volume bottling operation, you already understand the importance of high-quality magnetic capping headsets. The torque that your operation requires is consistent and precise. Any modifications – intended or unintended – to these two qualities has the potential to cause failure in the form of damaged, unsalable, or improperly sealed products. Because of this, it is essential that your magnetic capping headsets be able to withstand the rigors of your operation, that they be capable of maintaining consistent levels of torque, and – most importantly – that they offer an unparalleled level of dependability.

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Cap Chucks

FBN Sales and the Industry’s Best Cap Chucks Mentioned on MiBiz


This week, FBN Sales – and our industry-leading cap chucks – were mentioned in MiBiz, an online news source for West Michigan businesses. Detailing the history of our company, the piece focused on the aftermath of the devastating fire that caused nearly $3 million in damage to our facilities. While many manufacturers would have experienced such an event, looked at what remained, and packed it up, FBN Sales regrouped and rebuilt.

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Cap Chucks

How Cap Chucks from FBN Are Better than What’s Built In


When you're looking for replacement parts, you aren't looking for parts that are "as good as OEM parts," you're looking for parts that are better than what you're currently using. Whether those parts are cap chucks, filling valves, gripper assemblies or magnetic headsets, it's essential that they be more responsive, more innovative and more reliable. For this reason, the team at FBN strives to provide the highest-quality parts and service at the most cost-efficient prices. Supplying replacement parts for the industry's leading equipment manufacturers.

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Filling Valves

Fill More Consistently, Produce Faster and Sell More with Filling Valves from FBN


In any bottling operation, accurate liquid distribution is essential. Being able to consistently – and quickly – fill your products to identical levels affords you – and your customers – a level of confidence in your products that is required to be successful in the market. Filling valves from FBN work like syringes, injecting precise levels of liquid into your bottled products. The end result is a higher degree of control, an improved level of quality and, most importantly, a product that consumers can depend on. In this post, we're going to look closer at the advantages of the filling valves available from FBN.

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Cap Chucks

How FBN’s Cap Chucks Can Help Your Keep Your Line Moving


Cap chucks are one of the most important parts of your bottling operation. Ensuring that your bottles' caps are securely fastened, they lead to the creation of a professional and – more importantly – safe product. Attached to capping headsets, FBN's cap chucks are available in a massive number of specifications and, as a result, can be seamlessly integrated into your line and fitted to your existing equipment. In this post, we're going to discuss how cap chucks from FBN can help you ensure you're your bottled products are produced quickly and efficiently.

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