Versatile Vent Tubes for OEM Bowl Fillers

Vent Tubes for OEM Bowl Fillers

FBN provides direct replacement vent tubes for OEM bowl fillers. There are several OEM bowl filler providers, and all share one thing in common: a basic fill valve design that we can help them maintain. Whether it's Promach, Fogg, Federal, Filler Specialties, Horix, HH Franz, or Cherry Burrell, FBN provides the best parts for their assemblies. These assemblies contain a vent tube, valve body, spring or diaphragm, and we help with both rebuilding or replacement. We believe bottlers deserve leverage and a viable alternative to OEM solutions.

That's why we provide direct replacement vent tubes. All assemblies are manufactured from 316SSL stainless steel and the latest polymers specific to application. Parts are welded to 3A sanitary guidelines and include BOM’s, Manuals, Recommended Spare Parts, and PM Programs.

We are more than capable of providing direct replacement filler heads for all OEM bowl fillers and would be more than happy to help keep your lines running at optimal performance. Send us a picture of your valve assembly, lift pedestal, and soft parts, and we will get an estimate out to you the same day.

If you need more assistance on your bowl filler, we have trained field technicians available to audit the line, provide a field service report with recommendations, and return to perform the needed service. Once the project is finished, our Inside Sales staff will establish a comprehensive PM program with upfront costs for annual budgeting and scheduling. Feel free to call us anytime to schedule a service visit.

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