Smart Preventative Maintenance with FBN Makes a Difference

FBN PreFix Program - Proactive Maintenance

Equipment failures cannot be completely eliminated—they will happen. 

However, smart preventive maintenance systems can reduce premature asset breakdowns, keep employees safe, and even save millions in costs. 

Studies estimate businesses spend 80% of their technician’s time working on reactive maintenance issues rather than performing preventive procedures. Review the history of any operational maintenance program, and you will notice a pattern—big problems are often caused by small, preventable oversights.

Typically, an organization’s most devastating accidents, operational losses, and production setbacks are caused by maintenance systems and internal communication failures.

FBN’s Valve Swap Program eliminates the need to disassemble, inspect, clean, and rebuild filling valves. Simply remove the existing valve and replace with a full assembly at a discounted rate.

The FBN annual rebuild program is designed to eliminate the need to disassemble, clean, and rebuild valves with proactively scheduled, complete valve replacement.

Benefits of the FBN rebuild program include:

  • Decrease downtime for cumbersome rebuilds.
  • Eliminate mating parts damage during traditional rebuild process.
  • Predictable budget planning.
  • Cost savings with lower assembly price, 10% spare parts order discounts, and free in-plant annual line analysis.

Save your company time, money, and the hassle of staying up to date on valve maintenance. Install FBN valves and forget about them for a year! Schedule a 15-minute call with FBN to learn more! 

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