Plan Ahead With a Preventative Maintenance and Spare Parts Strategy

FBN Spare Parts

Buying a new set of valves or capper assemblies is the exciting part of the upgrade process. However, maintaining the same performance and uptime for the long run is the key to consistent efficiency.

Having an established Preventive Maintenance Plan and annual Spare Parts Strategy is the key to your success. Every assembly FBN provides comes with a recommended spare parts list and PM Program for the life of the assembly. This process provides security as well as accurate annual budgeting bottlers can count on.

We have been collecting run data and documenting wear life for decades to better anticipate performance impacts and breakdowns. Our goal with every part is to accurately predict the precise moment of failure and work backwards to recommend a safe replacement. Get the utmost life out of the part and replace on a consistent schedule prior to failure. Servicing and replacing filler and capper parts is much like car maintenance. If you don’t replace the oil or air filter, your car will run inefficiently and potentially break down on the side of the road. We understand bottlers cannot afford to break down, so we provide the security and consistency with our Spare Parts and Maintenance programs.

Whether it’s worn-out parts or line crashes—don’t get stuck on the side of the road! Reach out to an FBN sales representative to create a custom program for your bottling needs. 

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