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Magnetic Headsets

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If you’re running a high-volume bottling operation, you already know how essential durable, high-quality magnetic headsets and capper clutches are. Helping to securely fasten your bottle’s caps, they are integral to minimizing waste, maximizing profit, and preserving uptime. Most operations, simply put, can’t afford inferior headsets: they need to push large quantities of bottles through the line without any interruptions. In today’s post, we’re going to discuss why FBN’s headsets are a step above the standard, pre-installed headsets and, more importantly, how they can help your operation maintain its pace.

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FBN Magnetic Capping Headset

Experience the Benefits of Magnetic Headsets from FBN


Magnetic headsets are a critical part of your operation, ensuring that your bottle's caps are applied with precision. Creating consistent torque, they are an incredible tool for high-volume bottling operations that are looking to streamline their operation and, more importantly, run a large number of bottles constantly, without interruption, over a prolonged period of time. But, with those responsibilities, magnetic headsets have to be durable, they have to be efficient and – most of all – they absolutely must be dependable. In this post, we're going to look at three ways that FBN's headsets distinguish themselves from the competition.

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