Magnetic Capper Clutches that Compete with OEMs in the Bottling Industry

Magnetic Capper Clutches

From crafting magnetic capper clutches to customized bottling filling valves, being an OEM for the bottling industry isn’t easy. So, it only makes sense that taking on the aftermarket supplier role would be a challenge. This industry is demanding, relentless, and cutting edge. If you don’t keep pace, it will chew you up, spit you out, and no one will care or notice when you’re gone. But, ever-growing demand has created the perfect environment for innovation and modernization. 

This applies to every aspect of a business from manufacturing to project management or even technical service. Anyone can make great parts or design and assemble great machines, but can you support them along the way and keep them running optimally? Can you train staff to nurture the line in between rebuilds and partner with a supplier that you can count on being there in real time when you need them the most?

Offering parts and services

When it comes to supporting parts and equipment, we have a unique window into the daily concerns of the bottler. We knew early, not only do we need to manufacture great parts, but we needed to provide great support after install and start-up. Bottlers need a partner, not just a vendor. 

We have spent the past 35 years searching for, training, and retaining the best service techs available for both fillers and cappers. When it comes to trusting a supplier, there are few parts more complicated than a magnetic capper clutch. The capping process is high speed yet delicate, so if a part isn’t built to perform and withstand the high demand of the process, it can be catastrophic. We understand this concern and have come up with a solution to limit liability and put the bottler at ease.

Test magnetic capper clutches

We are offering test magnetic capper clutches and service at no charge for US Bottlers, including Zalkin, Arol, Krones, CSI. Alcoa, Capem, Pneumatic Scale, Pacific, Filler Specialties and more. We provide a direct replacement test unit for a trial period so bottlers can experience the performance without the commitment of a full conversion. If a full set is purchased, we send an FBN technician to install, support start-up, and train the staff for future care and rebuilds. 

We would not offer this if we weren’t confident our parts work equal to, if not better than, the OEM designs. We are committed to providing the bottling world with a viable alternative to the OEMs, so we always work to keep meeting the challenges of the industry.

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