Let FBN Service Technicians Keep Your Line Running

FBN Service

There is a common theme in every bottling facility we have visited over the past year, not enough technicians. Many of the technicians we worked with over the past 25 years are retired or moved on to greener pastures. Unfortunately, there has been an equal transition period and as a result many bottling plants are struggling to find skilled labor and are now more dependent on the OEM and other suppliers. Fortunately for you we have been working to strengthen our service bullpen for the last decade and have plenty of help.

Some of the services we provide are listed below:

  • Filler/Capper Audits
  • Filler/Capper Rebuilds
  • Main Bearing Replacement
  • Spindle Rebuilds
  • Slide Rod Rebuilds
  • Magnetic Capper Clutch Rebuilds
  • Gripper Rebuilds
  • Anti-Rotation Knife Replacement
  • Filling Valve Rebuilds
  • Hose Replacement
  • Inspection
  • Training

We are more than capable of maintaining both filler and capper service and support and would be more than happy to help keep your lines running at optimal performance. Our technicians can audit the line, provide a field service report with recommendations, and return to perform the needed service. Once the project is finished our Inside Sales staff will establish a comprehensive PM program with upfront costs for annual budgeting and scheduling. Feel free to call us at (269) 685-0100 anytime to schedule a service visit.

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