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FBN Articulating Gripper

There are a few ways to apply a closure in the bottling industry and a few of them are solid chucks, ROPP, crowners, and articulating grippers to name a few. Articulating grippers are by far the most lenient when it comes to maintaining accuracy during the cap application process. The large coverage provided by the extended stroke of an articulating gripper allows for more wiggle room during the pick and place process.

FBN provides direct replacement articulating grippers for any OEM capper. All assemblies are manufactured from hardened stainless steel and all serrations are custom broached per the closure specifications. Closures without serrations require soft gripper inserts and more finesse than the traditional serrated designs. This is where an articulating gripper is ideal for ensuring proper torque without damaging the closure. We offer both threaded and quick-change options as well as completely grease-less units for cleanability and to eliminate the need for regular PM’s.

We are more than capable of providing direct replacement capper heads for all OEM rotary cappers and would be more than happy to help keep your lines running at optimal performance. Send us a pic of your capper heads, magnetic headsets, and anti-rotation knives and we will get an estimate out to you same day.

If you need more assistance on the capper, we have trained field technicians available to audit the line, provide a field service report with recommendations, and return to perform the needed service. Once the project is finished, our Inside Sales staff will establish a comprehensive PM program with upfront costs for annual budgeting and scheduling. Feel free to call us anytime to schedule a service visit.



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