The Benefits of Annual Filler and Capper Maintenance Programs

Fillers and Cappers

The benefits of consistently maintaining your fillers and cappers starts – and stops – with a good plan. FBN has established a number of comprehensive preventative maintenance programs for both fillers and cappers, regardless of required speeds or product type. If you lack any of the following items, we encourage you to reach out to an FBN representative for assistance:

  • BOM (Bill of Material) Solid 3D Models
  • Recommended Spare Parts List (In Stock)
  • PM Program for all parts
  • Annual Cost for all PM programs
  • Rebuild Manuals
  • Rebuild Fixture Tool Kits
  • Rebuild Training
  • Basic Filler and Capper Operator Training
  • Updated Contact Information (FBN) After Hours, Sales, Service, Inside Sales

TPM and Your Equipment

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a holistic approach to equipment maintenance that strives to achieve perfect production. With the aim of maximizing your uptime and limiting the need for costly repairs, strives to ensure a production line that achieves:

  • No Breakdowns
  • No Small Stops or Slow Running
  • No Defects

Additionally, TPM values a safe working environment and aims to prevent accidents and safeguard your employees.

TPM emphasizes proactive and preventative maintenance to maximize the operational efficiency of your equipment. It blurs the distinction between the roles of production and maintenance by placing a strong emphasis on empowering operators to help maintain their equipment.

The implementation of a TPM program creates a shared responsibility for equipment that encourages greater involvement by plant floor workers. In the right environment, this can be very effective in improving productivity: increasing uptime, reducing cycle times, and eliminating defects.

If you’re considering a filler and capper maintenance program, let FBN put their 30 years of experience to work on your daily, monthly, and annual preventative maintenance process. Our team will work tirelessly to improve your productivity, safety, and consistency. We currently provide parts and services for US Bottlers, Federal, FOGG, Pneumatic Scale, Horrix, Laub Hunt, Pack West, Zalkin, Arol, Alcoa, CSI, Acmi Coriani, Filler Specialties, Alsim, Mejer, MRM, Biner Ellison, KHS, Krones, and Sidel machinery.

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