FBN Valve PM Program Reduces Stress and Costs

FBN Valve PM Program Reduces Stress and Costs

An FBN Preventative Maintenance program can reduce premature asset breakdowns, dramatically cut costs, and prevent sleepless nights.

Sign up now for an Annual Valve PM Program and save.

Why wait for a valve problem to occur (you know it will)? FBN has a better way. FBN's Annual Valve PM Program keeps you up to date on maintenance all year long. Install FBN valves and stop problems before they start.

The Annual Swap Program eliminates the need to disassemble, clean, and rebuild filling valves. Instead, simply remove the existing valve and replace it with a full assembly at a discounted rate.

The Annual Rebuild Program provides scheduled major or minor valve rebuilds depending on your needs.


Minor Rebuild — $120 per valve
• Internal valve brushing cartridge
• Spring


Major Rebuild — $385 per valve
• Internal valve brushing cartridge
• Spring
• Upper tube
• Lower tube
• Valve tip


Total swap — $450 per valve

Full valve assembly
10% discount on filler parts
(Requires 3-year service agreement)

Install FBN valves and forget them for a year. Other benefits of the FBN Annual Valve PM Program include:

  • Decrease downtime for cumbersome rebuilds
  • Eliminate mating parts damage during traditional rebuild process
  • Predicable budget planning
  • Cost savings with lower assembly price, 10% spare parts order discounts, and free in-plant annual line analysis.

Performance you can count on at a predictable budget. That's Better Bottling — The FBN Way.

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