Save Time and Money with One-Piece Chucks from FBN

Aftermarket Cap Chucks

FBN is proud to announce a one-piece solution that aims to reduce the maintenance time required to keep your full gripper assemblies in working condition. With the ability to save you both time and money, our one-piece chucks eliminate the need for daily greasing, as well as regular disassembly and rebuilding. Best of all, the simplified routine required by these one-piece chucks allows you to avoid having to replace expensive components. Because of this, you can count on experiencing reduced downtime and increased productivity.

To start taking advantage of this new product, FBN technicians will come to your plant, review your existing capper, and determine if conversion is possible. After that, they will take measurements and begin engineering your new parts. Once completed, the old capping heads and gripper assemblies will be removed. Then, they’ll install the new units, including a proprietary knock-out system. Best of all, there’s absolutely no risk. As the conversion doesn’t require any permanent modifications, you can easily go back to your original setup if you aren’t satisfied.

With the amount of savings – in both time and money – that you stand to gain, we’re confident that you’ll be happy. After the conversion, the only maintenance that is required is a periodic visual inspection and a $15 kit once per year… it’s that simple!  No more daily greasing or hours lost to repetitive, time-consuming maintenance routines.

At FBN, we’re committed to ensuring that our clients are running productive, optimized lines. Offering a wide range of bottling replacement parts, including aftermarket cap chucks, capper clutches, and filling valves, we can help you streamline your operation by reducing labor costs and simplifying maintenance routines. To learn more, we encourage you to browse our website, read up on our products, and – of course – contact us with any questions that you have.

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