FBN Expands Capabilities to Allow for Installation of Both OEM and Aftermarket Cap Chucks, Fillers, and More

Aftermarket Cap Chucks

FBN has recently expanded its service capabilities with the addition of several highly trained and experienced service technicians who have the ability to perform complete audits, install both OEM and aftermarket cap chucks, fillers, and headsets, and support start-up to the satisfaction of the customer. Our qualified techs are available for new product qualifications, new line installation and the support of existing machine rebuilds and upgrades. More importantly, our staff is available for equipment and product training to ensure that your staff is well equipped to maintain optimal performance once our technicians are gone.

We have added Krones, Sidel KHS and many more to our already growing list of OEM fillers and cappers available for service and support. Some of these include Fowler Zalkin, Arol, Alcoa, CSI, US Bottlers, FOGG, Federal, Acmi Coriani, MBF, Laub Hunt, Consolidated, and Pneumatic Scale.

FBN also offers rebuilds for capper spindles, magnetic clutch bearings, top load bushings and magnet packs. Our staff can rebuild on site or through an exchange program to limit downtime.

We offer…

  • Line Audits for application and mechanical issues
  • 1pc gripper conversions to solid cap chucks
  • Magnetic Clutch Rebuilds
  • Capper Spindle Rebuilds
  • Valve Rebuilds
  • Equipment and Product Training
  • Machine Setup
  • Complete Field Reports
  • BOM’s
  • Recommended Spare Parts List
  • Recommended PM Programs

At FBN Sales, we pride ourselves on our ability to service and install both OEM and aftermarket cap chucks, headsets, fillers, and more. With a team of the most experienced and well-trained professionals and the absolute best equipment in the industry, we’re confident that we can help your business maintain – or improve – productivity, all while keeping costs low. If you want excellent parts and service at a competitive price, call or email FBN to discuss your needs.

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