Adjustable Manifold System Enhances Gravity Filler Operations

The FBN Adjustable Manifold

Upgrading existing US Bottlers PGF fillers has never been easier thanks to an adjustable manifold system developed by FBN.

Until now, the number of active valves or length of shut-off shoes in the upper manifold system were fixed and unable to accommodate a wide variety of package sizes and return rate standards. The only adjustment available was through flow rate manipulation, swapping full valve assemblies or replacing the shoe itself with a smaller or larger shut-off section. All of which are a nuisance and require significant downtime.

With the flip of a switch or the touch of a button, the Adjustable Manifold allows you to run a larger range of package sizes, without adding costly changeover parts. The FBN Adjustable Manifold is recipe-driven and pneumatically actuated.

Benefits of the FBN Adjustable Manifold include:

  • Lower return rates.
  • Significantly wider range in package sizes.
  • One-valve assembly for multi- and single-serve packages.
  • Ending mechanical adjustments with recipe-driven setup.
  • Maintaining a balanced supply tank.
  • Eliminating hardware and cleanability issues.
  • Re-pasteurization energy savings.
  • Improved bottle pressure control.

All existing USB PGF manifold systems can be removed and replaced with the new FBN Adjustable Manifold. Whether you currently have a fixed shoe, bi-flow, or tri-flow manifold system from the OEM, we can easily remove and replace with a more versatile and cleaner design.

This will give the bottler the ability to improve current performance on existing packages and accommodate future packages with a touch of a button all while improving cleanability.

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