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Our customers rely on us to maintain their uptime and ensure the longevity of their bottling equipment. To accomplish this, we strive to stay current with the latest developments in the bottling industry. Whether we’re experimenting with innovative designs for cap chucks or we’re investigating new materials for fill valves and magnetic capping headsets, this page details all of our current pursuits and serves as a record of the lengths that we’ll go to keep our customers satisfied.

FBN PreFix Program - Proactive Maintenance

Smart Preventative Maintenance with FBN Makes a Difference


Equipment failures cannot be completely eliminated—they will happen. 

However, smart preventive maintenance systems can reduce premature asset breakdowns, keep employees safe, and even save millions in costs. 

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Capping Clutches

The Capping Clutch That You Can’t Break, Only from FBN


When it comes to capping clutches, FBN is a trusted, time-tested provider of the industry’s most durable and efficient options. Called by a range of names, including magnetic headsets, capper clutches, and magnetic clutches, FBN’s capping clutches are engineered to create reliable amounts of torque that result in a consistent level of tightening during the capping process. But, what are the other benefits of FBN’s capping clutches? Why choose them over the clutches available from our competitors? In today’s post, we’re going to find out.

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Capper Clutches

FBN Offers a Smart Alternative to OEM Service of Your Capper Clutches, Cap Chucks, and More


If you’re looking to have your capper clutches, cap chucks, or other bottling equipment serviced, FBN offers top-quality service for equipment from a wide range of manufacturers. Having formed a strategic partnership with Worldwide Contractors, our combined service techs have the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to solve virtually any capping issue. Whether you’re dealing with cocked or misapplied caps, inconsistent torques, or anything else, you can count on us to identify the problem, devise a fix, and implement a lasting solution.

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Aftermarket Filling Valves

The Advantages of FBN’s Aftermarket Filling Valves


When you're in a bind and need fast, high-quality aftermarket filling valves, FBN has you covered. Essential to your operation, filling valves preserve the productivity of your operation by ensuring quick filling and accurate distribution. But, what happens if your valves aren't meeting your expectations? What do you do if you need a replacement? In those cases, you call FBN and discuss the many advantages of our replacement parts. In today's post, we're going to take a closer look at why you should source your aftermarket filling valves from us.

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Aftermarket Cap Chucks

FBN Expands Capabilities to Allow for Installation of Both OEM and Aftermarket Cap Chucks, Fillers, and More


FBN has recently expanded its service capabilities with the addition of several highly trained and experienced service technicians who have the ability to perform complete audits, install both OEM and aftermarket cap chucks, fillers, and headsets, and support start-up to the satisfaction of the customer. Our qualified techs are available for new product qualifications, new line installation and the support of existing machine rebuilds and upgrades. More importantly, our staff is available for equipment and product training to ensure that your staff is well equipped to maintain optimal performance once our technicians are gone.

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Magnetic Headsets

Looking for High-Quality, Long-Lasting Magnetic Headsets? Start Here!


If you’re running a high-volume bottling operation, you already know how essential durable, high-quality magnetic headsets and capper clutches are. Helping to securely fasten your bottle’s caps, they are integral to minimizing waste, maximizing profit, and preserving uptime. Most operations, simply put, can’t afford inferior headsets: they need to push large quantities of bottles through the line without any interruptions. In today’s post, we’re going to discuss why FBN’s headsets are a step above the standard, pre-installed headsets and, more importantly, how they can help your operation maintain its pace.

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